Monday, September 15, 2008

X-Box Playing Elf

OK, something about my scanner makes my images look absolutely horrible! I'm going to have to find a better way to get these onto my computer. I used Photoshop to touch this image up, somewhat redeeming it from it's terrible looking scan. (see below) This was an assignment for the Character Design class I'm in where we had to fit a character into a shape we drew. I had my wife give me random instructions on what I had to fit into each shape. It was a challenge, but I came up with a lot of fun drawings. Hopefully, I can get the others up soon as well.


MrSuspenders said...

I'm not sure if that guy knows how to hold a controller. I guess if you have never played one before it would be similar to learning how to hold a violin correctly. Cool design.

koryface said...

Great stuff Wyatt. I love the face and his pose makes me laugh. You are a comedian with the pencil, sir.