Monday, October 6, 2008

Self Portrait

This self portrait has been a lot of fun. I may refine it more later and possibly add some color, but I'm pretty happy with it for now. It's definitely got some flaws, but so does my mug.

These are some cartoon expressions I created of myself. I loosely used the images below that I snapped with my I-Mac for reference. I have no shame posting that last one... ha ha!

DepressedExcitedNew ToyScared...or just plain ugly. You decide.


Shanan Wasden said...

HaHa! my husband and i thought these were funny, but also way good! its cute with your lil fam in the background too!

Wyatt Stevens Miles said...

Thanks Shanan. I love your postings with all the bellies. I found Braden and your dads' bellies particularly amusing.

I'm really excited for you guys. Babies are so much fun. I can't ever get enough of my little girl.

Karl Andrew Cruz said...

hi do you happen to be Elder Miles who went to the Philippines on a mission?